Special Needs Program 

Special Needs Program Info

The park is open to Special Needs programs – from 10:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and during the week by appointment only – so we can offer secure and cordoned off areas for your lessons.

Special Needs program times have a senior, qualified instructor “on the floor” supervising all sessions.

A CJ parent liaison (i.e. board member, volunteer, senior staff member, etc.) will be available in the viewing galleries to facilitate communication between parents and their child’s instructors.

The CJ parent liaison will identify him/herself by greeting the parents and participants when they sign in. Parents can approach him/her at any time with questions or concerns during their child’s lesson.

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Our Commitment and Mission

To engage and empower all people in the community including those with special needs. (kids living with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Cancer, Deafness, Down syndrome, LDs, OCD, or any other challenge one might have).

We achieve this by guaranteeing a safe and fun learning environment through recreation,development and mentoring in the sports of skateboarding, scooter riding, and other park activities.


Parent Testimonials

“CJ Skatepark does an amazing job of working with children with special needs. Their program is designed to help these kids learn something new and fun! Our daughter absolutely loves skateboarding, she has a permanent smile while she is out there. Who would have thought that she would also benefit from a little physical therapy every Saturday morning. She had to continuously engage her core and keep her balance things that she struggles with on a daily basis. The staff are fantastic and are extremely helpful and understanding in the needs that these kids have. I would highly recommend this program for any child that has special needs.”

“I remember Jay telling me very early in my son’s program – people think this program is about the skateboarding, it’s about confidence, mentoring and respect – skateboarding is just a great vehicle to develop those things. Jay was right. My autistic
son has learned to drop in, rock the coping and pump in the vert ramp. More important, he gets to come to a place where he is welcomed into a community that respects him and focuses on making him a better, more confident person – physically, emotionally and socially.

Thanks Jay, Greg, and the entire team at CJ You were right, ‘it’s not just about the skateboarding’…it’s about a program
and place where a person with special needs can be themselves, never be picked on or judged, so they can become their best.”

Thank You Letters

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Our Instructors

All special needs instructors have been trained through CJ programs specifically tailored to the abilities of the students we are working with and must meet strict requirements having completed the following courses:

  • St. John’s Ambulance CPR and First Aid Training,
  • Skateboard Coaching (min. 3 years experience),
  • Level 1 of the International Skateboard Certification Program ISCP/SKATZ.


Private Lesson Fees

Members: $45 per hour*

Non-Members: $50 per hour

Lesson fees include:

  • One-on-One session with a trained CJ Special Needs instructor.
  • Consultation after each lesson. The CJ instructor will be available for 5 minutes before his/her next lesson to discuss progress to goals as needed.
  • Written lesson summary reviewed with parents at the end of each lesson.
  • Suggested plan for the next lesson and scheduling to ensure consistency of instructors.

Please note: If one of our student’s goals is “integration” into our group lessons, activities, camps, etc., we will do our best to assist him/her in achieving that goal.

*Membership fee: $25 per year


Initial Consultation

No obligation phone consultation for initial assessment.

The form will be submitted CONFIDENTIALLY to the Special Needs Board Committee Chair or Jay Mandarino, our park President. If we
feel our program will truly benefit the applicant, we will arrange an appointment for the applicant and his/her family or caregivers to visit the park for a formal assessment.

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Formal Assessment

At the formal assessment, we will discuss YOUR goals and how our staff can best work with you as a team to achieve them. The cost
of this initial assessment is $50.00 and includes a half hour lesson and rental of all safety equipment including skateboard and/or scooter, helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards – this will ensure we can mutually agree on a program that is the right for you. If our program is a great fit, we will work together to establish goals for the student.

While skateboarding and scooter riding are our specialties, they are merely a vehicle to meet some more important goals:

  • Balance
  • Self-Esteem
  • Coordination and strength
  • A feeling of confidence and well-being through motion
  • Having fun
  • Integrating and feeling welcome into our community of students, instructors, parents and volunteers

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