CJ Skateboard Program

CJ Skateboard Programs

Our skateboard programs are simply the best in Canada, and we provide skaters with a world-class facility! We offer a variety of programs for all skateboarding for all skill levels and ages. From introductory programs geared to gradually introducing people to their very first experience on a board through to advanced skateboarding programs. CJ’s instructors provide simply the best instruction, support, and care. Our programs include:

Introductory Skateboard Program (for boys and girls ages 5 and up)

CJ’s Introductory Program begins with a focus on safe skateboarding including a brief introduction to sport specific stretching, exposure to a variety of safe falling techniques, the use of safety equipment, and how a skateboard and its different parts work. This program takes all new skaters from their first steps on a board through fundamental maneuvering. The Introductory Program closes with a progress report including recommendations for further study. Please visit our Registration Page for Dates & Pricing Details.Limited Space available!

  • For first time skateboarders ONLY with no previous experience (Instructor reserves the right to move a student to a program appropriate to their skill level)
  • For boys and girls ages 5 to 14
  • Includes all safety equipment rentals (helmet, pads, skateboard)


  • Five classes over 5 weeks, 45 minutes, 1 day a week.
  • Max 20 kids per class (book early to avoid disappointment.

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