A Father’s Support


A Father’s Support – Father’s Day at CJ’s SKATEPARK

Jill Ellsworth 

When Davis Gailitis was seven years old his mother gave him a penny board; after one good wipe-out he vowed never to look at a board again. 44 years later, this father of two will be spending Father’s Day at CJ’s tearing it up during the family skate session. Davis and his family started coming to CJ’s in January of 2016 because his 12-year-old son Kai wanted to try out his scooter on some ramps. Davis’ 9-year-old daughter Aija joined them on their second visit to the park. “She wiped out on her scooter, and in the next breath asked if she could learn to skateboard.” Davis says.

Since then, Davis and his wife have been watching their kids get better and better at the sport, and recently got a little tired of sitting on the sidelines. “We are now a family of four who skates every Sunday at CJ’s and we feel like we’re part of the CJ’s family.” He says, adding that this is due to the friendly and supportive staff and other parents at the park.

Davis, like many of the parents at CJ’s, is a big believer that parents should support their children in anything they do. “My kids know they have my support and they understand they will have it always.” He says. “That means a lot to me as a parent because I never had that kind of support growing up.”

Davis wants to remind people that skateboarding isn’t necessarily a rebellious sport, and says it can be very rewarding to see your kids land a new trick after putting in hours of practice. Davis takes Kai and Aija to skate events throughout the community to support the scene and other riders. He’s always encouraging them to try different tricks and learn from those around them.

Davis says he’s really looking forward to being surrounded by his family this Father’s Day at CJ’s family skate session.