Who Can Skateboard? 

Is there an age limit?

We generally recommend kids start at 5 years of age but everyone is different and unique. Our youngest student to date was 2.5 years old. We offer and recommend a free assessment for any child under 5 years old, which is done on an individual basis by our staff. The great thing about skateboarding or scootering is that when kids come to watch, their siblings usually end up trying it themselves – and loving it!

What are the benefits?

Skateboarding improves balance, co-ordination, strengthens muscles, builds self-confidence, motivation, creativity, self-esteem and encourages friendships. Many parents tell us that their children love skateboarding and scootering, and their performance at school has improved, as well.

Teaches you…

  • self-awareness
  • self-discipline
  • dedication
  • self-worth
  • responsibility
  • engagement
  • determination
  • teamwork
  • to help others
  • mentoring skills
  • to overcome your fears
  • to solve problems
  • to attain goals
  • life skills and social responsibility
  • to manage successes and disappointments
  • to respect others
  • to never to give up
  • to relate and interact positively with others
  • to be part of a team and a community that doesn’t judge
  • hope
  • that we all matter!

Provides you with…

  • a sense of achievement
  • a sense of belonging to something
  • positive interaction with others
  • character-building skills
  • a chance to learn new tricks
  • a way to inspire confidence
  • a place to make new friends
  • happiness
  • fun


  • build self-confidence
  • build character
  • build a higher self-esteem
  • with emotional and behavioral problems
  • develop your motor skills
  • develop social skills
  • build physical and mental skills
  • relieve and reduce stress
  • enhance courage
  • build cardio and core strength
  • improve balance and strength
  • with weight loss
  • improve concentration and coordination
  • you stay out of trouble!


  • a positive self-image
  • creativity
  • communication
  • camaraderie
  • physical fitness by being active
  • social interaction
  • mental wellness

Skateboarding is a mental discipline with a physical approach, part of the ongoing challenge is to have your mind and body work together and think while you are moving.

We teach basic safety and start with physical exercise and stretches to slides and teaching safe ways to skateboard and fall.  This way your mind gets conditioned to falling automatically to prevent injuries down the road.

You enhance your concentration and co-ordination which are two additional benefits.  Your focus and self awareness are also increased the longer you continue.  There’s also more flexibility, agility, balance will increase, self esteem and stress relief are also many of the pluses.

Your physical fitness level will increase as long as you attend classes consistently, practice and put forth your best effort when you are there.  Your best is different from everyone else’s but you want to improve relative to yourself.  Everyone learns at difference paces.  Some people are better, some people will be worse.  It’s important you have fun and enjoy what you’re doing in a safe and positive environment, which we provide.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t react fast to a fall or when you react what you need to know intellectually is applied.  We will teach you these things and you’ll increase your self confidence.  Parents tend to favour self discipline and self confidence to skateboarding and their children, although adults benefit in these areas.

Skateboarding is great for a child’s over all character and development, whether a child or adult, this is something you can do and benefit from for many many years.  Will help you in all areas other than just self esteem.

A pursuit of a sport can have a dramatic impact on the development of self esteem in your individuals such as your child.


A waiver must be signed on site by the parent or legal guardian of each under-18 participant the first time they visit the park to skate – Please see waiver link near the top-right of this website.  Over 18 can sign their own waiver. Photo ID is required in either case.

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