Corporate Team Building 

Take your next offsite meeting or team building event to the Skate Park:
All the cool kids are doing it.

Add some serious street cred to your next sales meeting or corporate marketing event by hosting it at the CJ Skateboard Park & School, the fourth largest indoor not-for-profit skate park in the world located right here in Toronto.

Productive team building activities incorporate learning how to work with other team members while also challenging individuals to tackle new obstacles. These events also help build trust among co-workers, strengthen relationships and improve over-all communications. Time together away from the office also serves to refresh and re-energize employees, preparing them to return to their jobs with an improved attitude and renewed focus.

A day at the CJ Skate Park allows your team to take on tasks that will build upon personal accomplishments and self-esteem while also providing a fun and entertaining day for the entire team.

Conveniently situated in a 28,000 sq. ft. facility just south of the Gardiner Expressway (between Kipling and Islington), the CJ Skate Park features a wide-open Wi-Fi-enabled creative space to hold your next team building activities.

As well as being a unique meeting space, the CJ Skate Park staff are all experienced at hosting groups for unique team building events with the ability to customize activity packages for all levels of excitement.

The CJ Skate Park offers a stress-free environment that encourages team members to try new challenges, learn new skills but most of all…have fun.

Under supervision, your team members can learn to skateboard or take part in a variety of safe and fun activities that encourage teamwork and competition regardless of anyone’s age, ability or physical challenges one may have.

Boost company morale and encourage team building with an exhilarating day at CJ Sk8 Park, a unique and memorable experience that is always enjoyed by everyone.

Recently a Toronto-area consumer products company hosted a product launch and marketing meeting at the CJ Skateboard Park. The company’s agenda included a morning filled with corporate PowerPoint presentations and client updates in an unconventional environment — the base of a 12-foot vertical ramp.

Following their morning meetings, the team spent an activity-filled afternoon taking advantage of all the Skate Park has to offer.

After putting on protective gear, members enjoyed an hour-long learn-to-skateboard lessons followed by team-based activities in various locations within the indoor park. The afternoon was capped off with casual social event.

The reviews were amazing. The energy was positive. The challenges were exciting. The venue was electric and a great time was had by all.

To schedule your visit and plan your unique experience contact Jay Mandarino at 416-571-4843 or

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