Greg Lowe
Co-Director & Senior Instructor

Greg Lowe is a 49 year old father of four who runs Sass Bro’s Design. Greg started skateboarding at the age of 8 thinking it would be a good way of training for hockey. He fell in love with the sport instantly and has been competing both professionally and recreationally ever since. He is best known for “Skate Zone”, the state of the art skateboarding facility he created where many Canadian pros trained.

Being fortunate enough to skate with some of the sports pioneers, such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Lonnie Toft (eight-wheeler creator with Wee Willy Winkles), and Tom Sims as well as other renown Canadian and international skateboarders. They have not only helped Greg develop pool-riding skills but also to discover another passion; snowboarding.

Greg still has his early snowboard concept models, which were laughed at by people at the ski hills and resorts. Winning the first ever Ontario Downhill Snowboarding Championships, however, changed all that. For 16 years, Greg has been a National Coaching Association-certified head coach at the house league level of the Mississauga Hockey League. Teaming up with Jay Mandarino, Greg is looking forward to developing a new group of accomplished skateboarders and building a world-class facility.


Alex Gallagher
Director, Family Skate Program & Senior Instructor/Coach

Alex has been working at CJ’S Skateboard park and school for 2+ years. He is 23 years old and has been skateboarding for 15 years. Alex enjoys giving all kinds of lessons and hosts a 25+ years (older skaters) group for beginners on Sunday mornings . He works well with children of all ages. Alex’s specialty is transition skating and his favourite tricks are front side grinds in general.

Daniel Kratochvil
Director, Special Needs Program & Senior Instructor/Coach

Volunteer instructor with CJ Skateboard Park and School since July 2009. He has had the opportunity to work with children affected by cancer and other special needs, though primarily works with children with autism. A skateboarder for over 17 years, Daniel finds the opportunity to coach younger skaters extremely rewarding.

Mike Seifert
Advanced Senior Instructor/Coach

I’ve been been skating for 9 years and been a part of the CJ’s team since the moment it opened.  I began skateboarding because of my brother, and it really helped me get though school since I wasn’t very good at being a team-sport player, and wasn’t part of the “cool” kids.  Skateboarding has always been the way I allow my efforts to be portrayed, and to give myself the thrill and happiness that comes along with it.  Since I’ve been skating, I’ve met hundreds of people who connect with the passion I love the most.  Its a feeling and lifestyle I’ve been so happy to see, and its only to expand as I keep growing with my skating.  I think CJ’s is a great way to connect with everyone who follows the same road, and it seems to be a second home for myself.  A place to hangout, skate, and just be surrounded in the positive atmosphere of skateboarding.

Since I’ve been at CJ’s from the beginning, I’ve taught many, among many types of classes.  Group lessons, summer camps, PA days, winter camps, middle-school classes, Jewish classes, autism classes, and one-on-one coaching.  I’ve been part of television-hosted events, helped with king of the groms, and all the competition and events held at CJ’s.  Even outside of CJ’s working with the native reserve introducing the art of skateboarding to the people.  The list goes on, I had many experiences with each and every one of those events.  To only expand my knowledge, I hope to seek more by learning from others and coaching.  Skateboarding may be dangerous, but its probably the most savoring thing a person could do for your lifestyle.  It saved mine, and I know it has for many others.  My goal would be to show the same for everyone, so their lives could be changed for the better good.

Aliya Bein
Skateboard Instructor

I have been helping and skateboarding at CJ’s since it opened. Although I am not a pro, I love skating, volunteering and helping others at the park. It’s awesome because we get to help all kids learn to skateboard, from beginners to those with special needs like autism, cancer, etc. Being at CJ’s I have met so many people, lots of new friends and I have learned new skills too. It’s a great experience helping at CJ’s and I love being a part of this organization.

Savannah Bein
Skateboard Instructor

I’m 15 years old and I’ve been volunteering since the park opened four years ago. At CJ’s I’ve worked with many different children, some with disabilities like autism, some that have been through cancer, and some who just want to have fun skateboarding like I do! Not only have I volunteered and helped out with CJ’s, but this organization has helped me grow as a skater, experience new things and meet new people.


Lucas Saba
Skateboard Instructor

I have been an instructor/volunteer at CJ’s since day one. I love skateboarding but I love helping kids the most, including those with special needs (autism, cancer, etc.). The amount of new people I have met at CJ’s is awesome! Meeting new people is great, especially if you have a lot in common with each other. I love CJ’s and being a part of it.


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