Birthday Party Tips 

Congratulations on your C.J. Skateboard Park VIP Birthday Package!

I am sure your child will have an amazing and fun birthday celebration at C.J. Skateboard Park & School; it is one of our specialties!

Our Director of Operations, Luis Barboza, is happy to assist you booking your birthday party and help with any questions you may have. You can contact Luis at 416-259-6888 or by email at

The lounge, located beside the Sony Playstation® room, will serve as your base camp where your party will start and finish. Both rooms will be exclusively reserved for your use during your scheduled party time. You may leave all your personal belongings in the lounge.

Your birthday package includes one party-size pizza (with your choice of cheese or pepperoni) and one large jug of powdered Gatorade and one jug of water. When you arrive, please co-ordinate with one of our staff team members the time you would like us to order your pizza. If you would like to order additional pizzas or purchase items from our snack bar or pro-shop, we can bill you at the end (or you can make a deposit in advance – whatever is most convenient for you). Please note due to our sponsorships agreements no outside food or drinks are permitted (with the exception of birthday cake). If you bring a birthday cake, we have a fridge to store it in. Remember to bring candles and something to light the candles with as we do not have any on site.

Your birthday package (except for package C) also includes all safety equipment – skateboards, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets (but it’s always best to bring your own equipment if you have it!). Please note we do not allow bicycle helmets. Snowboard and hockey helmets are acceptable. It’s best if the participants wear blue jeans (so the pads stay on and don’t slide off), t-shirt and running shoes or skate board shoes if they have them.

Birthday packages are based on 10 children. If you would like to add more children to your party, additional C.J. instructors, and/or extra food and beverages to your package, we are happy to accommodate you. Advance notice is required. Please see our website for pricing. If your group is mostly beginners, you are required to have 1 C.J. instructor for every 5 children.

For the most successful birthday party and to give you the best use of our facility, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We generally book parties back to back, so it’s important to start and end on time so you do not lose time off your party or affect the other parties scheduled.

Attached is a PDF for our liability waiver. The waiver must be filled out and signed by each child’s parent for each child planning on using our facility. You alone will have to witness their signature and sign where it says ‘Witness” on the form. The other option is for one of the parents to come to our facility and sign and fill out the form in person prior to the party or the day of. If there is not a form filled out, that child will not be able to participate, so please make sure this is done.

Thank you for your interest in helping to keep our kids rolling!

Jay Mandarino
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C.J. Skateboard Park & School is conveniently located at 60 Horner Avenue – 1 block south of Evans Avenue, just off the Gardiner Expressway between Kipling and Islington, South of the QEW.


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